Xavier High School山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news?page=1 News - 山东体彩11选5开奖 New Learning Plan for Fourth Quarter山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/new-learning-plan-for-fourth-quarter Details regarding XHS learning plan for duration of 山东体彩11选5开奖 closure. https:///news/new-learning-plan-for-fourth-quarter Tue, 07 Apr 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 UPDATE: April 2, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/update-april-2-山东体彩11选5开奖 School closure through April 30th. https:///news/update-april-2-山东体彩11选5开奖 Thu, 02 Apr 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 WATCH: Mass with Fr. Vu山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/watch-mass-with-fr-vu Fr. Vu celebrates mass from Xavier HS on March 31, 山东体彩11选5开奖. https:///news/watch-mass-with-fr-vu Tue, 31 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 XHS Scholarship Opportunities: St. Francis Xavier & Jim Victor Scholarships山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/xhs-scholarship-opportunities-st-francis-xavier-jim-victor-scholarships Thanks to multiple generous financial donations, the Xavier Foundation is able to offer two scholarship opportunities for students who wish to attend Xavier High School next 山东体彩11选5开奖 year for Grades 8-11. https:///news/xhs-scholarship-opportunities-st-francis-xavier-jim-victor-scholarships Tue, 31 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 UPDATE: March 30, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/update-march-31-山东体彩11选5开奖 Planning for Three Scenarios; Saints of Service (SOS); Student 山东体彩11选5开奖 Availability https:///news/update-march-31-山东体彩11选5开奖 Mon, 30 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 UPDATE: March 26, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/update-march-26-山东体彩11选5开奖 FAQ page now live; STO application reminder; Information for families encountering financial hardship https:///news/update-march-26-山东体彩11选5开奖 Thu, 26 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 UPDATE: March 25, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/update-march-25-山东体彩11选5开奖 Additional learning information regarding courses, grades/credit, and dual credit. https:///news/update-march-25-山东体彩11选5开奖 Wed, 25 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 UPDATE: March 24, 山东体彩11选5开奖: Learning山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/update-march-24-山东体彩11选5开奖 Learning Information/Plan for School Closure https:///news/update-march-24-山东体彩11选5开奖 Tue, 24 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 UPDATE: March 23, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/update-march-23-山东体彩11选5开奖 Travel Outside Iowa/COVID-19 Prevention; Reporting exposure; Final Scheduled pick-up time now 3/24; Learning & support news; Blood drive reminder https:///news/update-march-23-山东体彩11选5开奖 Mon, 23 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 LAST Student Belonging Pick-Up Time Moved to March 24th山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/last-student-belonging-pick-up-time-moved-to-march-24th Will be on a grab-and-go basis. Complete form if items are needed to be bagged for pick-up. https:///news/last-student-belonging-pick-up-time-moved-to-march-24th Mon, 23 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 UPDATE: March 20, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/update-march-20-山东体彩11选5开奖 Social Distancing; Reporting COVID-19 Exposure; Student Belonging Pick-Up Reminder; Blood Drive on March 31st (updated date) https:///news/update-march-20-山东体彩11选5开奖 Fri, 20 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 Additional Student Belonging Pick-Up Time Added: 3/20/20山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/additional-student-belonging-pick-up-time-added Xavier Catholic Schools additional pick-up time scheduled for 3/20 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. https:///news/additional-student-belonging-pick-up-time-added Thu, 19 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - March 18, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/coronavirus-covid-19-update-march-18-山东体彩11选5开奖 Updates regarding communication from teachers; Free student lunches; Faith development resources; Facility usage; AP/ACT information; Upcoming events; Next pick-up date for student belongings https:///news/coronavirus-covid-19-update-march-18-山东体彩11选5开奖 Wed, 18 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: March 17, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/coronavirus-covid-19-update-march-17-山东体彩11选5开奖 Student Learning; Tuition; Early Learning/Childcare Information; Student Belonging Pick-Up https:///news/coronavirus-covid-19-update-march-17-山东体彩11选5开奖 Tue, 17 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 Student Belonging Pick-Up山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/student-belonging-pick-up Students may pick-up belongings at designated times following designated procedures on 3/18 and 3/25. https:///news/student-belonging-pick-up Tue, 17 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 Xavier Closed for Four Weeks.山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/covid19march16山东体彩11选5开奖 In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Xavier will be closing for four weeks starting on 3/16/20. https:///news/covid19march16山东体彩11选5开奖 Mon, 16 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 COVID-19 Update: March 15, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/covid-19-update-march-15-山东体彩11选5开奖 Gov. Reynolds recommending 山东体彩11选5开奖s close for four weeks. https:///news/covid-19-update-march-15-山东体彩11选5开奖 Sun, 15 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 COVID-19 Update: March 13, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/covid-19-update-march-13-山东体彩11选5开奖 Current plan is to resume 山东体彩11选5开奖 after Spring Break on 3/23; Optional practices over Spring Break https:///news/covid-19-update-march-13-山东体彩11选5开奖 Fri, 13 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 Message from President McCarville Regarding COVID-19 Outbreak山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/message-from-president-mccarville-regarding-covid-19-outbreak Information as it relates to the response to the COVID-19 outbreak; Resource page created; General reminders; Action item for parents https:///news/message-from-president-mccarville-regarding-covid-19-outbreak Thu, 12 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CDT-0500 GO SAINTS! XHS Activities Week-in-Review: March 6, 山东体彩11选5开奖山东体彩11选5开奖 https:///news/go-saints-xhs-activities-week-in-review-march-6-山东体彩11选5开奖 MVC and All-Metro Teams announced for Winter Sports; Large Group and Individual Events Speech Results; Show Choir Wrap-Up; Jazz Band Recap; Robotics Earns 2nd Place in Control Award category at State; BPA results and more! https:///news/go-saints-xhs-activities-week-in-review-march-6-山东体彩11选5开奖 Fri, 06 Mar 山东体彩11选5开奖 00:00:00 CST-0600